Science Lessons with a simple approach:

  1. Put demos in your students’ hands

  2. Which makes them curious

  3. They want to listen to the explanation

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5 NEWEST Science Lessons added

Climate Change

Teaching Climate Change? If so, and you’re not thrilled with how your textbook handles it, this lesson might be for you. See this science lesson.

Evaluating Internet Sources

These days it’s more important than ever to know who the source of your information is, because not all are trustworthy. See this science lesson.

Newton Car

Problem- you’re looking for a good lab that illustrates Newtons laws of motion, but you don’t want something that takes a ton of prep, looks chaotic, and stresses you out.  If that’s you right now (which described me before I found this idea and modified it), this lab might fit your needs. See this science lesson.

Counting Atoms

A  low-stress, almost no-prep way to teach the idea that molecules are made of certain atoms that fit together in a certain way. See this science lesson.

Story Of The Cell

Science is always cool, but it’s at its best when it merges with mathematics and history. The purpose of this lesson is to tell the unlikely and nearly impossible-to-believe story of the cell; that is, how it came be known. Believe it or not, it all started in 1204 when a siege brought down Constantinople… See this science lesson.