3 Free Scientific Method Crossword Puzzles Your Students Will Love

Great puzzles can in fact be a good use of class time.  They promote higher-level thinking, emphasize vocabulary, and are fun!

Listed below are 3 Scientific Method crossword puzzles you can use right now, or, since this topic is always relevant, you can save them for later this year when you need something to fill in part of a class period.

Scientific Method crossword puzzle from ScienceSpot.net

Scientific Method crossword puzzle #1 from ScienceSpot.net

  1. http://sciencespot.net/Media/scimethodpuzzle.pdf
  2. http://portersciencerosepark.weebly.com/uploads/1/3/0/9/13092561/crosswordpuzzleintroductoryscienceterms.pdf
  3. https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Science-Skills-Crossword-Puzzle-249866  (Note- as of this writing there are 3 mistakes on this puzzle you’ll need to correct- 2. should read “.01 m”; on 29. remove the word “outside” in the clue because that’s actually the answer; and on 30. remove the word “electron” for the same reason.)
Science Skills crossword puzzle made by 'Science From Murf'

Science Skills crossword puzzle made by ‘Science From Murf’

Answers to most of these science puzzles are posted online, so you may not want to send it home with students.

A few strategies when using these-

  • Reward students for working quietly on a puzzle by giving them 1 free answer every 5 or so minutes (pick a random student and let them choose which).  That costs you very little to get a lot more effort out of your students.
  • If you have extra time at the end, go over some/all answers
  • If answers choices are listed at the bottom, cover up some or all before printing it off so students can’t see them
  • Important- give your students the right difficulty of puzzle.  Too easy and they’ll finish too soon; too hard and they won’t want to work on it.

What other strategies have you used to keep students engaged with crossword puzzles?

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