7th Grade Science Activities | Interactive Science Teacher

7th Grade Science Activities | Interactive Science Teacher

7th Grade Science Activities That Include Everyone

Science demonstration- flapping penny on top of heated heated. From lesson-Interactive Notes-States Of Matter

7th grade science activity your students can do- flapping penny on top of heated heated. From lesson-Interactive Notes-States Of Matter

Is it really true that these 7th grade science activities are for every student in your room? Let’s see- we know the “good” kids who normally pay attention will continue to do so. But what about the daydreamers, the troublemakers, and those who panic when things get “wordy” and technical? I designed each of my 7th grade science activities to keep everyone interested:

  • The daydreamer will become intrigued with the demonstration
  • Troublemakers are usually kids who hate worksheets because they have trouble reading, so they’ll love getting their hands on science
  • And those with weak stomachs will be ok too, because they’ll get a boost of confidence from what they did themselves. And that which you have done with your own hands you are no longer afraid of.

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7th grade science activities- All Fun?

With 7th grade science activities, being interactive is important, but I want to do more than just entertain your students. The neat thing is that after experiencing a good demonstration, students actually crave a good explanation. That’’s why my teacher videos strongly emphasize you being mentally prepared. You should never walk into your classroom not having a clue what you’’re doing that day. If that’’s your habit, you might occasionally have a good day of learning, but you and your students are missing out on many more.

Step 1, then, is going in with knowing what you’’re doing. And step 2 then would be deciding what kinds of things you’’ll say during the 7th grade science activities. If you seldom give thought to your words before a lesson, try it and see what happens during your next 7th grade science activities. Everyone wants to be part of a great lesson, but it’’s usually the unseen work and mental preparation that make it successful.

7th Grade Science Activities That Use The Gift Of Curiosity

Do you know how lucky you are to be a science teacher? Imagine you woke up tomorrow morning and you suddenly had become an English teacher and had to come up with something for your students to do. Your mind is probably not exploding with exciting things to do. Ok, calm down, you’re a science teacher again. Do you remember what you dreamed of doing when you first decided to become a science teacher? Was it hand out worksheets? Give long lectures? That doesn’’t even deserve an answer.

You can use human curiosity to your advantage in your 7th grade science activities, and it can take you anywhere you want to go. Here’’s a fun demonstration idea: gift-wrap a box as beautifully as you can with ribbons and bows. Then start class one day by putting the package in front of your classroom and try to teach a normal lesson while attempting to ignore the gift box. Your students will go nuts wondering who it’’s for and what’’s in it. Mean? Yes. Fun? Absolutely!

Keep this gift box handy for when your 7th grade science activities take a turn and you get questions like “”why are we spending so much money on space exploration”?” Answer- basic human curiosity. It drives everything we do, and it gets to the root of what science really is- looking around, noticing, and wondering why things are.

The Best Time To Use 7th grade science activities

Which is better- to do interactive 7th grade science activities at the beginning or the end of a chapter? Which would you guess? In most cases you’’re better off using demonstrations at the beginning of the chapter because:

  1. Demonstrations allow you to introduce 7th grade science activities with more interest, when it’’s really needed, and that causes…
  2. Less stress and anxiety sometimes associated with a new chapter
  3. And now you have the rest of the chapter to refer back to the demonstration for review or to show how newer concepts apply

Choosing The Best In Our 7th Grade Science Activities

With all the demonstrations available, you might be wondering why I selected the ones I did to be included in my 7th grade science activities. In most cases the choice was hard to make, but I used several criteria to guide that decision:

  • Each demonstration obviously need to illustrate the topic in each of the 7th grade science activities
  • It should work every single time it’s tried
  • And use common materials you already have
  • It shouldn’t over-excite students
  • Or be complicated for you to explain or for students to do
  • It also needs to be fascinating to watch
  • And have the ability to hold every students’ attention while it’s being done and then explained

“Letting Go” In 7th grade science activities

To your relief, none of my 7th grade science activities will ask you to do every thing for every student. In fact, you’’ll notice a complete shift of who does what in my 7th grade science activities. Students, not you, are the ones doing things. Your job is to stand back and make sure people do what they’re supposed to do, and the outcomes are what they’’re supposed to be. Then you can move in with dialogue when their minds are primed and ready. This method may be uncomfortable for you at first. But the rewards are worth it.

By handing over the best part of your 7th grade science activities to students- the demonstration- you’re showing trust. Most students will respond to this by rewarding you (and themselves) with a higher level of maturity, and now everyone’’s winning. In my 7th grade science activities your role is to give students enough clear instruction so they know what to do. But always leave some “play” room that they can use to discover things for themselves. Having come upon something amazing with their own hands, they will naturally go further and manipulate variables, enriching the discussion even more. Now that is real science.

Priorities Of Our 7th grade science activities

I want you to know that every set of teacher notes that accompany my 7th grade science activities is based on how the lesson actually went in my classroom, and many videos were recorded the same day it was taught so the details would be preserved. That’s why the “voice” in my 7th grade science activities seems real, like I actually did what it’s describing. It wasn’t always convenient to do it this way, but my standard is excellence and I feel I couldn’t give you an excellent product any other way.

I hope you don’t mind, but to keep your teacher notes from becoming overly-complicated, I chose not to pass them through an English department for a grammar check. Nor were they sent to the local university to be corrected. While I hope there aren’t many mistakes, that’s still not my main concern. All I care is that my 7th grade science activities actually work in the classroom. Some teacher guides are so sophisticated and overdone that you have trouble making sense of them, and a perfectly good lesson can be lost when it’s “over-decorated”. I just wanted mine to be clear.