The Wilkinsons recently at Garden of the Gods, Colorado

“Mr. W”

My name is Bill Wilkinson (students just call me “Mr. W”) and I love teaching science! In the 24 years I’ve taught, I’ve observed one constant- ALL students learn better when their their hands and minds work together. After teaching middle school science for 14 years, I served for 3 years as Science Liaison for Vigo County Schools in Terre Haute, Indiana, where I taught daily across several different middle schools, and presented professional development opportunities for science teachers. Currently, I teach Gifted/Talented Science in grades 6, 7, and 8 in Vigo County, Indiana. I am proud to say that each lesson on this site is an original that I actually did in real classrooms with real students.

How To Contact Bill

Your comments and questions are always welcome. You can send an email directly to me at:

Questions and Answers

Do you cover the Next Generation and Common Core Standards?

Yes. Here’s a Common Core chart that shows which of those are covered in each lesson, and here’s the Next Generation connections .

How do I cancel my Weekly or Monthly Membership?

PayPal users– you can either click this link and follow the instructions, or send me a note  (bill@interactivescienceteacher.com) and I’ll do it for you.  Thank you for having been a member.

Card users– send me a note (bill@interactivescienceteacher.com) and I’ll do it for you.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes I do! Click here for more info.

What grade level are these lessons for?

All of the lessons were designed for and used with middle school students (grades 6, 7, and 8). But they can easily adapt upward or downward in grade level. I’ve done workshops that featured my activities with elementary, middle school, and high school teachers, and the activities had universal appeal. If your grade level is lower, then do more of the hands-on fun stuff and talk less, and allow your students’ curiosity and questions let you know how much more to talk. If your grade level is higher, then use the demonstrations as beginnings of longer discussions and more notes.

Am I allowed to make changes to the lessons?

Yes, you absolutely can. When you think of how many different science teachers and science books there are, you begin to realize that there are many ways to teach one topic. So if you come across a more suitable demonstration or would rather word something differently, then by all means make that change so you’re more comfortable. But for copyright reasons you cannot share or re-sell any lessons or images, revised or not, with anyone else, without written permission (send me a quick note using the Contact Form, or an email directly to bill@interactivescienceteacher.com ).

Can your lessons be used as a stand-alone science curriculum with Homeschoolers?

A good way to think of my lessons is that they are supplements to what you’re already doing; to make it better, but not the absolute base of what you do with science. So if you have a good base curriculum and are looking for something to liven it up, then Interactive Science Lessons would be a great choice for Homeschoolers, especially considering that most of my lessons use things commonly found around the home. You’ll find more info. on my Homeschool page, located here.