Fun End of Year Inquiry Science Activity

Fun End of Year Inquiry Science Activity

Measuring Volume lab-completed

Measuring Volume lab

Let me guess- you’re already thinking about the end of the school year.  You’re tired, but you’d like one more meaningful activity.   Maybe something that could even give a nice spark to the end of the school year.  Is that how you feel? If so, you should consider the classic “Measure Colored Liquid” activity (it’s also commonly called the “Measuring Volume Lab”).

Essentially, here’s how the lab goes- students get into groups, and each group gets 6 test tubes and 3 beakers of colored water.  The instructions tell them to put certain volumes of certain colors into certain test tubes, and to also pour between the test tubes along the way. If they follow the directions perfectly, they’ll end up with a beautiful rainbow across their test tubes, all with the exact same amount of liquid!

Measuring volume lab-empty test tubes

Lab-at beginning

Measuring Volume Lab-midway through

Midway through

Measuring Volume lab-completed


You’ll definitely want to look over the different versions of this great end of the school year science activity so you can decide which is best for your students, and to give you a chance to prepare (please don’t start getting ready for this lab as your students are coming in the room!).

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