Interactive Science Update,1


Dynamic Demo of the Week- Convection

By far the simplest and most effective convection demo I’ve ever done. (I love that combination.)  Best part- your students can do this! Materials: dropper, food coloring, beaker (or glass) with water, candle.

This demo is an excerpt from an Interactive Science Lesson called “Heat Transfer“.

[S3VIDEO file=’demos/convection-demo.mp4′]

Time-Saving Teacher Tip- Catalogs

Most science teachers have more supply catalogs than they can count.  To help you deal better with them: as soon as you get a new catalog take few seconds and thumb through it immediately.  If it looks interesting then keep it, if not toss it.  (There goes half of your catalogs.)  If you see an item that captures your eye, clip it with a pair of scissors and tape it to the cover.  There- now you’ve got the item (complete with picture), item number, cost, and company all in a place you can’t miss.

Lesson Spotlight- a sample of 2 Member lessons

Discovering Density

Students determine the densities of all kinds of objects made of clay, and “discover” that all clay has the exact same density. Just for fun, we’ll hide a steel ball inside one of the objects, which should cause minor panic (we hope).

[S3VIDEO file=’Movies/’ authurl=’true’ autoplay=’true’ buffer=’1′ allowfullscreen=’true’ displaymode=’overlay’ clicktoplay=’Preview Lesson’]

Sensational Cells

Use when you’re ready to introduce the cell. It begins with Robert Hooke and the 3 tenets of the Cell Theory, and continues on with students drawing a simple animal and plant cell that can be compared.

[S3VIDEO file=’Movies/’ authurl=’true’ autoplay=’true’ allowfullscreen=’true’ buffer=’1′ displaymode=’overlay’ clicktoplay=’Preview Lesson’]

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