Interactive Science Update,15


Dynamic Demo of the Week-Tides

Finally, something you can do to show how tides work. Materials – glass/beaker of water, heavy and lightweight object

[S3VIDEO file=’demos/tides-demo.mp4′]

Time-Saving Teacher Tip-Out Of The Doldrums

Mid to late in the school year, when your students get “lost in the doldrums” and the majority are demonstrating poor work quality and effort, you can snap them awake with an “all/none” policy. On the next assignment they have to either do it perfectly and get full credit or receive a zero until its re-done perfectly. Very few want a zero, and the hassle of having to re-do and re-do will stir most to do it right the first time. And you get the effort you want.

Lesson Spotlight- a sample of 2 Member lessons

Predictions & Hypotheses

A complete untangling of the terms “Prediction” and “Hypothesis”.

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Chromosomes, DNA, & Genes

Untangle these 3 important terms, because in genetics you’ve got to understand them before anything else can make sense.

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