Interactive Science Update,2


Dynamic Demo of the Week- Fossil Fuels

Forget the lecturing.  This demo gets students telling you the environmental concerns with obtaining, transporting, converting, and using fossil fuels without you needing to say much.  Materials: clear container, food coloring, dropper, foil “boat”, shortened dropper.

[S3VIDEO file=’demos/Fossil_Fuels-demo.mp4′]

Time-Saving Teacher Tip- Supply List

How functional is your list of supplies that you need to order?  On a sheet of paper, draw lines to divide  it into 3 sections with these titles:

    • “Buy from local store”
    • “Order from science supply store”, and
    • “Someday”  (This is for those things you’d like to have someday, and so you’re just trying to be ready if a sudden opportunity comes up)

Staple it to the outside of a file folder with “Supplies” on the tab (you’ll have to trim the sheet of paper down a bit).  Now you’re ready- whenever you realize you need something, jot it in the appropriate section.  Besides what it is you need, also make note of how many, and the activity it’s for.  If you don’t, you’ll have no idea how much you need, or which exact item when the time comes to order.

Lesson Spotlight- a sample of 2 Member lessons

Measuring Geologic Time

In one class period your students will go from complete puzzlement to near complete understanding of the common geologic units of time.
[S3VIDEO file=’Movies/’ authurl=’true’ autoplay=’true’ buffer=’1′ allowfullscreen=’true’ displaymode=’overlay’ clicktoplay=’Preview Lesson’]

Atomic Model: Change Over Time

A fascinating look at how the model of the atom has changed over the past 200 years. Huge discoveries = huge changes.

[S3VIDEO file=’Movies/’ authurl=’true’ autoplay=’true’ allowfullscreen=’true’ buffer=’1′ displaymode=’overlay’ clicktoplay=’Preview Lesson’]

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