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Chaotic classroom? I've been there. This is the story  of how I worked my way out.
Chaotic classroom? I've been there. This is the story of how I worked my way out.

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What others are saying…

Your lessons are outstanding and my kids really enjoyed them. Between my 8 grade physical science and 6th grade earth science I will be using the majority of them this year. With some slight twists, your lessons can also be used for my HS chemistry classes. What makes your system best of all is the videos of your lessons. They are very insightful and make the lesson easy to apply.

I just wanted to tell you how great your lessons are and the instructional videos are even better! I teach 4th-8th grade science. I am a multiple subject teacher, so I have been struggling with 7th and 8th grade the most. I have already used 5 of your lessons in 2 weeks! I did the Fungi Fun one today, as well as the Balancing Equations! The Chemistry Surprise was a big hit last week! I can’t wait to use even more

Thank you Bill for writing and sharing these lessons. I really like the idea of downloading and not having another book on my shelf.

I am the Principal and desperately need to assist my Middle School Science Teacher with experiments and classroom management during the experiments – you seem like the pro in this regard! …I am very confident it will be well used and much appreciated.

Your lessons were a life-saver last year and I am going further with them this year. …my class size has more than doubled this year. I guess the students enjoyed the class, learned in the process and spread the word. Thank you

Thank you so very much for sharing your lessons. They were excellent enrichment activities. My principal was impressed that I had them engaged in learning at a time when most teachers just show video after video as they babysit.

I am totally enjoying your lessons. They are perfect for my students. You are teaching me how to teach Earth Science and doing a fine job. Thank you very much.

You’ve posted great lessons and it’s given me a whole new way to approach my 8th grade class. This is my first year having a classroom of my own and I was a little lost in how to even begin prepping for the year. You’re site is a life saver!

‘I really liked what I saw. It was worth paying the price. I kept thinking Kudo’s to this teacher. If I had ever put together my careers teaching experience, this is what I would like it to look like.’

I am loving your lessons and the power point presentations are SO helpful! There are so many that I can do even though I have no supplies or lab materials. I definitely have to credit you for my students’ success in science this year. Thank you SO much!!

What a great place for those interested in science education! Your resources are so helpful!

Bill, Your science lessons look great. They are a real value for so many great ideas and slides! Thank you

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Solid lessons that were used in a real classroom

Solid Lessons

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Most lessons include a custom-made PowerPoint that will guide you and your students through the lesson.


Over 150 lessons, 100’s of clear and concise PowerPoint slides, 70 hours of video instruction, and 100’s of pictures and drawings.

Extra Goodies

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