A few of us gathered to clean up a fallen tree.  Things were chaotic as we started tossing the cut wood into the back of a truck.  People were trying not to walk into each other, and no one seemed sure where exactly to put their wood.  I could see this situation needed leadership given to it, but I was reluctant to step in because there were others who were older and more experienced at this.

I surprised myself when I stayed by the truck and started taking wood from people as they brought it, and tossed it in.  They accepted this (!!), and everything fell into order without a word being spoken.  From then on we worked like ants, and were done in no time.

I marvel at human behavior, that when we’re in groups there’s a strong need for leadership, and we all seem to intuitively know it, whether we’re stacking firewood or teaching in a classroom.

Where’s the chaos in your classroom?  That’s where leadership needs to be applied.  Leadership that’s intentional, good, and strong.  Leadership that will benefit the group.