It’s the morning of the first day of fall break, a beautiful October morning.  I’m outside reading in the sun, surrounded by trees beginning to change color, corn that’s dry and ready to be harvested, and a blue sky above with lazy white clouds floating by.  It’s also quiet so I can appreciate what I’m seeing, and am able to think.  Each moment is rich, and I am a thankful man; a very thankful man.

Why isn’t every moment like this?  There’ve been other sunny days with blue skies that weren’t as meaningful.  I think the difference here is because of how busy things have been lately.  Insanely busy.  Rest that follows that kind of work is very sweet and very rewarding.

Don’t miss how that works.  Those 2 go together- hard work and rest.  The more work you’re resting from, the sweeter it is.  And without being preceded by hard work, rest is restless (also called boredom).

To summarize:

  • Work hard.  Really hard.  Put your all into it.
  • Then do yourself (and others who need you) a huge favor and go lose track of time doing something you love.

You shouldn’t have any trouble enjoying yourself.