Fun Science Christmas Experiments

Science Christmas Experiment-Santa's Magic Dust

Christmas experiment- Santa’s Magic Dust

Christmastime is here!  So on the last day before Christmas break, instead of throwing a puzzle at your students or putting on a video, why not celebrate by turning one of the most chaotic days of the school year into one of the most memorable?  These science experiments combine the magic of both Christmas and Science.  Have fun with this- think of it as your gift to your students.

Most of the experiments that follow are commonly known, but were chosen because they could be colored red and green in some way.  Knowing that’s all a demo needs to qualify, you might even come up with some of your own demonstrations to include.  Good luck, and merry Christmas!

Click here for Free Teacher Notes For The Experiments

This lesson all begins with “The Physics Of Santa Claus“, a hilarious 5 point argument that scientifically examines if Santa Claus could possibly exist.  Following that are these demonstrations…

Science Christmas experiments:

Science Christmas Experiment-Cupric Chloride BurningChristmas Glow Show– Create a breath-taking red and green flame
Science Christmas Experiment-Meteor Shower Lit In DarkChristmas Eve Meteor Shower– Beautiful flashes of light that resemble meteors
Science Christmas Experiment-Rudolph's flip-flopRudolph’s Flip Flop Steam inflates a balloon; later, air pressure sneaks in a wonderful surprise
Science Christmas Experiment-Santa's magic dustSanta’s Magic Dust The spirit of Christmas keeps a balloon from popping over a flame
Science Christmas Experiment-Santa's sleighSanta’s Sleigh The secret that powers Santa’s sleigh is finally revealed!
Science Christmas Experiment-Reindeer ToothpasteReindeer Toothpaste– Proof that elephants aren’t the only animals who brush their teeth!
Science Christmas Experiment-Inverted fountain of beliefInverted Fountain Of Belief– Watch green and red water defy gravity
Science Christmas Experiment-crazy Christmas bottlesCrazy Christmas Bottles– Density keeps the liquids in one set of balanced flasks intact, but upsets the other set

Beforehand: Things to do and to be aware of…

  1. As soon as you’ve made the decision to do these activities, take the time to try out each demonstration.  You’ll need the practice and insights you’ll pick up from the experience.
  2. Set out all materials the day before.
  3. Think about safety all throughout these science activities.  Make it a fun and memorable event for everyone.  And as unlikely as an accident may be, you must always assume something could go wrong, so plan for it.  You’ll noticed “Cautions” throughout the teacher notes- please take them seriously.
  4. Close the blinds in your room in preparation for the first 2 experiments.
  5. You’ll probably have (and need!) around 15 minutes left over after the Christmas experiments to prep for next class.  The things on the “Day Before/Of Checklist” (included in the download on this Science Experiments page) marked with an asterisk are items you should set out enough of to last you through all your classes throughout the day.
  6. Get your Christmas music ready.  Have it long enough that it plays after you’re done and they have something to listen to while doing the puzzle.


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