Sixth Grade Science Activities | Interactive Science Teacher

Sixth Grade Science Activities | Interactive Science Teacher

Advantages Of These Sixth Grade Science Activities

Science demonstration-a balloon charged with static mysteriously attracts a ping pong ball! From science lesson 'Interactive Notes-Electricity'.

Science demonstration-a balloon charged with static mysteriously attracts a ping pong ball! From science lesson ‘Interactive Notes-Electricity’.

Teaching 6th grade science activities is hard enough without the occasional surprise of a lesson plan failing you. To prevent that from happening, the 6th grade science activities on this site take 2 important steps:

  1. The demonstrations are awesome, and they work 99 out of 100 times. You need those kinds of odds in your favor because inside a real classroom, anything that can go wrong will. The other important thing about about these science activities is they…
  2. Emphasize the importance of being prepared and ready. Think of it this way- what is the most important thing in your classroom, that above all else determines how much your students learn? Answer- the state of your mind. As the leader of your classroom, you must need a good mindset. Here’s why- depending on if you’re stressed and unfocused, or if you’re calm, prepared, and confident, the same science activity could result in a good learning experience for all, or not. (Sure, there are LOTS of other factors affecting how well your lessons go, some of which are out of your control, but it’s good to know you can control the most important one. If you’d like to read more about being prepared, check out this page on how to prepare for your school day.

Put both of those things together- 6th grade science lessons that actually work, along with your preparation and confidence- and your students will benefit greatly.

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“Letting Go” In Sixth Grade Science Activities

To your relief, none of my sixth grade science activities will ask you to do every thing for every student. In fact, you’’ll notice a complete shift of who does what in my sixth grade science activities. Students, not you, are the ones doing things. Your job is to stand back and make sure people do what they’re supposed to do, and the outcomes are what they’’re supposed to be. Then you can move in with dialogue when their minds are primed and ready. This method may be uncomfortable for you at first. But the rewards are worth it.

By handing over the best part of your sixth grade science activities to students- the demonstration- you’re showing trust. Most students will respond to this by rewarding you (and themselves) with a higher level of maturity, and now everyone’’s winning. In my sixth grade science activities your role is to give students enough clear instruction so they know what to do. But always leave some “play” room that they can use to discover things for themselves. Having come upon something amazing with their own hands, they will naturally go further and manipulate variables, enriching the discussion even more. Now that is real science.

Be Intentional In Your Sixth Grade Science Activities

As you mentally prepare for each of your sixth grade science activities, be intentional about everything. Nothing should happen by accident or by chance (at least not many things; science class should occasionally reflect real science and encounter surprises).

That’’s the beauty of the Yellow Sheet– almost nothing can sneak up on you. Using this method of planning for your sixth grade science activities, you’’ll overlook no detail. It may sound like a lot of work and different from anything else you’’ve ever done, but if you often feel frustrated with what goes on in your room, try it for a week and see how it goes. You’’ll find that when you’’re intentional and not accidental, more will get done and the tone will be more positive.

Sixth Grade Science Activities Builds Credibility

Imagine this- the bell rings at the beginning of class and you immediately begin lecturing. Is anyone listening? Unless you’’re a phenomenal speaker, the answer for most of us is no. You first have to build credibility with them, or, put another way- give them a reason to listen. With it, you’’ve got their attention because they understand the purpose. Without it, you will have trouble making any sixth grade science activities meaningful.

And this must be repeated every single day. It’’s almost like you’’re a salesman (in this case you’re selling concepts and ideas). In my sixth grade science activities, the hands-on activities is what we use to get students to “buy into” the lesson. These activities soften their minds, gets them to put away distracting thoughts, and brings them all to a common place where you can teach to everyone.

Sixth Grade Science Activities Without Magic

While all of my sixth grade science activities were designed to be purposeful and effective, they still won’’t magically teach themselves (but wouldn’’t that be nice if they did?). Teaching sixth grade science activities is hard work, and there will never be a substitute for good preparation and your willingness to put your all into it. But the neat thing is that all that preparation will lead to something magical- the ability to connect with 30 students of varying backgrounds and ability.