Steps To Seeing Meteors

  1. Wake up early, while it’s still dark
  2. Get out of bed, while it’s still dark
  3. Go outside
  4. Look up
  5. Hope there are no clouds
  6. Wait
  7. Enjoy your reward

How this is like life:

  • It takes steps to get to a reward
  • Most of the steps (6 of the 7 steps in this case) are under your control
  • only 1 out of 7 (step 5) is out of your control
  • the steps are hardest early on (1 is brutal)
  • the steps get easier later on
  • the best rewards have to be sought; they don’t come easily to you
  • it’s all worth it in the end
  • the more steps, the better the reward (ie- the longer you can put off the reward, the more it costs you, but the greater it becomes)


What can you add to either list?