Sun, Earth, Moon Model To Scale

This lesson starts with the assumption of the sun being a basketball. If that’s true, then how big would earth be? And how far away would it be? We’ll need to do some math to figure those diameters and distance. Then we’ll have to go outside to show, to scale, where that tiny little earth is. Yes- finally- a (partial) solar system to scale by both diameter and distance.

PPT, Student Handout, and Teacher Notes (in the notes area of the ppt)


*Side note- Teachers- to distinguish between the 3 solar system-type lessons available….
‘Living Solar System’-a somewhat “actual” moving solar system with some planets (to scale by diameter, not distance) revolving around a central sun
‘Solar System To Scale’- each student starts with a sheet of paper and put on it where the planets would be (scaled by distance, but not diameter)

Each of the 3 lessons-the 2 just mentioned and the one on this page- has it’s own strengths. So decide what you’re most after and use that lesson.