Terms of use

Dear Science Teacher:

The lessons you are about to use have the potential to excite and engage every one of your students.  Seeing them light up is why we teach.  It means we have connected with them on our terms, using our language- science.  But in all the business don’t neglect the most important part of the lesson, and that is when you speak.  Prepare for what you will say.  Be ready with a series of questions, and one in particular you can’t wait to lead up to and ask.  And leave some room for those wonderful spontaneous moments you can’t predict, but help bring lessons fully alive.

While each Interactive Science Lesson was used with success in a real classroom, the success you will have with each lesson still depends on you, the leader of your classroom.  And as leader, your first concern must always be for the safety and well-being of your students.  Always insist that methods be done the safe and proper way.  As you prepare each activity think about what could go wrong and what you would do if anything did happen.  Explain to students where the safety equipment is located and how each item works. Remind students before activities that have risk about the dangers, and how to use the safety equipment.  Give warnings when appropriate, but also be ready to remove students from the work area whose actions are, or could, put themselves and/or others at risk of harm.  Being safe can sometimes be a bother, but it’s better to be overly cautious without an accident than for even one minor incident to occur. If you have questions about hazards a certain a chemical may pose you can access free safety data sheets at http://www.flinnsci.com/msds-search.aspx.

The author of the Interactive Science Lessons cannot be held liable for damage or injuries arising directly or indirectly from use of the demonstrations and activities suggested.

Every video, PowerPoint slideshow, Student Handout, picture, illustration is an original created by the author and is protected by registered copyright.

Permission is given to you, the original purchaser of these lessons, to reproduce the activities for your classroom use only.  All materials are protected by copyright © by The Interactive Science Teacher™.  You may not re-sell, copy, or distribute any part of these lessons for any reason without written permission from the author.

Now go and take advantage of the fact that you teach the most exciting subject on earth!

-Bill Wilkinson