The Copier

Ready for a shocker?  Let’s say over the course of a year that you run off 100 sets of handouts for your students.  Each time you run one set off it takes you an average of 15 minutes to walk to the copy machine, run the copies, undo the jams, check what there is to eat in the lounge, and greet everyone on the way there and back.  The total time you’ve spent in that year comes to over 24 hours!

What can you do to lessen this?  If you’re lucky, there’s a place in your school district that you can send things to for them to run copies for you.  If not, parent volunteers are another help.  If nothing else, stay after school every so often and go crazy running your copies when no one else is there. That alone will cut your copy time down by at least a fourth.

Now you’re down to just 18 hours per year at the copier.  Feel better?