Their Shoes

Last summer I had some work done on my truck. They kept it for a week and a half, most of which time it sat waiting on a part. Still driveable, but not once did they ask me if I wanted to drive it while waiting for the part. With my family of 7 now down to 1 vehicle, you can imagine life was more stressful.

About a month later my wife’s van needed some work so I took it to a DIFFERENT shop. The same day we dropped it off, they called back to say the part it needed would be a couple of days, and asked if would we like to pick it up and drive it in the meantime. Wow!

One shop understands their customers and treats them respectfully, another other does not.

As you plan your lessons, think what it’s like for your students (your customers). How would you like to be a student in your own room?

To get a taste, try this tomorrow morning- before school, get the handout your students will be doing, and work on it while sitting in a student seat. (You read that right.) You’ll be amazed at what you think and feel. It also might help you serve your customers better.