Weak & Indecisive

Went to my boys’ ball game tonight.  Ugly game, and I’m not talking about the score.  It started with a bad call.  (Silence on our side of the stands.)  Then another.  (Restlessness.  Did that really happen again?).  Then a really bad call, which got some parents on our side openly taunting the umpire.  From then on he seemed uncertain about everything.  And our minds were made up- he could nothing right.

Ever been on the wrong side of a herd of angry parents?  I have.  It’s no fun when they team up against you.  I thought I was right, and they thought they were.  But the truth is, we were both wrong.  I was weak and indecisive (I see that now).  And they were quick to overprotect their child and judge me.  (*Note- I’m referring to my own past here.  We all understand that this is not the case universally, right?)

Those situations are called “lose/lose”, and you can see why.  The solution to them is to never get into one of them.

This being the beginning of a new school year, it’s a critical time when you’re making a first impression on students and parents.  The slate is clean and hopes are high.  That means right now is a great time to address those issues that you know could turn into “one of those” down the road.  Do something now, while everyone is still civil.  It might even be appreciated.