Who Are You? III

So why do some kinds of lessons seem to work for others but not you?  That’s kind of like asking which diet works best.  The answer is all of them work.  But there isn’t one diet that will work for everyone; each works for the person it is suited.  If you’re not suited to it, you’ll be miserable and quit.  But if it fits your need and overall approach, it will work.

It’s the same with science lessons- we’re all different in our strengths and levels of comfort.  Yes, others can do things with ease that you cannot do.  But it’s the same in reverse- there are things you do effortlessly that they can’t (and wish they could).  None of us does everything well.

There are things you, and only you, are uniquely gifted to do in a classroom.  That’s why success in your room will come not from looking out at what everyone else is doing, but from looking inward at what energizes you.