Who are you?

For today’s science teacher there are just too many resources, too many good ideas, too many things that work well. So which one is best for you? How in the world do you/can you sort through all those things and find something useful for you? Or, put differently, why do some things work well for one teacher but fail for you?

We’re all different, and that includes our strengths. And the key to figuring out which of those vast resources are right for you is for you to take a long look inward and figure out who you are as a teacher. Which days are your best? Your worst? What energizes you? Drains you? If you’re still figuring this out (it took me about 10 years), then go ahead and sample a number of kinds of lessons. Like…

  • Different kinds of hands-on (keeping students in their seats, at lab tables, up and around the room)
  • With detailed instructions, without as much

You get the idea. Some you’ll enjoy, others you won’t. But you’ll learn who you are. And that will benefit you as well as your students.